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Affiliated with the National Federation of State Poetry Societies

Poetry is an art form in which human language is used for its aesthetic qualities in addition to, or instead of, its notional and semantic content.

The Mississippi Poetry Society fosters interest in writing poetry and provides an opportunity to recognize individual creative efforts in poetry through meetings, contests and festivals.  It seeks to create an audience for poetry in adults and youth and some of its members are also available as a resource to schools.
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SPOTLIGHT - our members' achievements

Mick DeningtonMick Denington
receives Lifetime Achievement Award ...more

Phil LevinPhilip Levin's Katrina Memories" offers 50 memoirs, poems, and stories from 40 different Hurricane survivors in a compelling 220 page hardcover book.  Relive those desperate times, where volunteers from around the globe came to discover the fortitude of Mississippians.  Philip Levin is the editor of this and twenty other published books, serves as president of the Gulf Coast Writers Association, and editor of their publication, "The Magnolia Quarterly." www.Doctors-Dreams.com - see image ...more

Patricia Neely-DorseyPatricia Neely-Dorsey was named "Goodwill Ambassador" for her celebration of the south and things southern across Mississippi ...more

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State Officers

President - Judy Davies - judydavies@cableone.net
V. President - Michael Shelton - poetsail5@gmail.com
Secretary - Dorothy Wiman - dwiman@belzonicable.com
Treasurer - Patricia Butkovich - pattyb8319@gmail.com

North Branch  Contact
Emory Jones -  pianot@bellsouth.net

Central Branch
Jeanne Kelly  -  jskelly04@gmail.com 

South Branch
Judy Davies - judydavies@cableone.net

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